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Blake Swan, C.S.C.S., TSAC-F, FMS, CPT, PHB

Director - Sports Performance & Wellness

Blake Swan Physical Therapist

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About Blake Swan

Blake Swan was born an athlete. He’s been participating in sports since age three. From a background in gymnastics, soccer, baseball, dance and martial arts to name some of his activities, he became a serious football player in high school. The 24-year-old Detroit native was recruited to play football at such powerhouse universities as Georgetown and Louisiana Tech before deciding to take an academic scholarship at Temple University in Philadelphia.


  • Bachelor of Science degree in kinesiology and exercise science from Temple University
  • Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist with certification in Functional Movement Screening
  • Certified Personal Trainer with 7 years of experience
  • 2 ½-years with the Salvation Army’s fitness and recreation program for the underserved population in Philadelphia.

Interview with Blake Swan

How did you get involved in your field?
I enjoy studying the human body and how to manipulate it. I was a strong athlete in high school, and seeing how others became injured led me to the study of kinesiology.

What is your personal exercise philosophy?
I am a strong believer in cross-training—long distance running, kettle bells, body weight exercise (e.g. push-ups, jumping, climbing—using whatever you can)—and how to become strong and fit for a lifetime. I do teach Olympic lifting and other traditional systems, which is important, but I prefer what is called these days functional training.

What are you doing at UOA in your area of expertise?
I started April 1st in getting the various programs up to speed. We have the PEP program for ACL injury prevention; the Rugged Rotator Cuff injury prevention program for throwing and overhead athletes; and the Bridge the Gap program, for those returning from injury to sports performance. I also am looking to do more with active adults. To that end, we will have a weight-loss boot camp, offered ten consecutive days at the end of each month. I will be receiving certification that will enable me to do military and emergency service (police, fire) personnel training, so I hope to build that program as well. Broadly speaking we’d like to see our UOA patients go on to become clients in our programs.

What is your fitness philosophy?
I am a firm believer that each individual or even group of individuals require a personal evaluation to identify risk factors. This is important for anyone about to engage in a fitness program. A movement screening not only protects an individual, but ensures a program can be constructed that more effectively applies to sports performance. The Functional Movement Screening is an evaluation of basic movements, and that combined with getting to know the client’s history, tendencies and goals, is the most effective way to create a successful workout plan.

Sports Performance & Wellness
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