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Excellent Care from Dr. Beiro and the Staff

I just want to thank Dr. Beiro and the staff (Marylin, Kiara and Myelin) for providing such wonderful service. The staff were very courteous and professional. Excellent Care!

Best Orthopaedic Surgeon

To whom it may concern. I think Dr. Beiro is one of the best orthopaedic surgeon I've had. He has been my doctor for years and he has done everything possible to help me with my knee pain, including a full knee replacement. I would recommend him to everyone.
Renee Allen

Successful and Enjoyable

I had broken my elbow which required surgery. I was going to need physical therapy to get my elbow moving again. I went for my therapy at the University Orthopeadic group. And I want to say I was glad I did. My therapist was Jamie rose and she was wonderful. She was friendly and outgoing. She was firm and comforting also. Jamie worked hard, wanting to make sure that when therapy ended, I would have good use of my arm. It was such a gift having someone care so much about helping me.  My doctor was thrilled with how I progressed and I have so much credit to Jamie. she made me want to work hard on my exercises at home. We worked as a team. And we were successful. anyone who has Jamie as their therapist is blessed. I also loved someone else who worked with her and that was Greg. He was welcoming and funny and caring. He did not work on me but he was someone I enjoyed seeing so much. My time in the therapy room seemed to fly by with all the talking and launching that we did. It helped settle my fears of therapy and the atmosphere made you actually look forward to coming. Let me stress, they both were working hard on their patients but they added fun to the experience.

Thank You For the Expertise in Your Profession

When I first came to your office, I just had a broken right humerus. I could hardly move my arm. I would not use my hand even to brush my teeth. It was very hard for me just to even sign my name, thank you Jamie for the love and care, for the expertise in your profession. Thank you for pushing me to the limits which I didn't think were possible. Thanks for the soothing massages that relaxed my muscles and gets away the pain so I could exercise better. I can't thank you enough, Gregg thanks for helping me once when Jamie was busy. you guys are the best. Love you.

Friendly Staff and Therapist

My experience at UOA was excellent. The staff is friendly and very helpful. The information provided especially concerning treatment and insurance was clear and thorough. My therapist, Ryan Kay, worked wonders. He also provided information on how to proceed if the problem flared up again. I cannot recommend UOA highly enough.

Worth the Long Drive

I would like to praise the fine care I received from my therapist, Ryan Kay. Ryan has seen me through a hip and knee replacement as well as plantar fasciitis. I am happy he is now working in such a fine state of the art facility. The combination of your facility and Ryan's professionalism is what made your center my choice, despite the long drive to reach Somerset.
Rosemarie Di Filippo

Highly Recommend Ryan Kay

My experience with PT Therapist, Ryan Kay was very helpful. He made my PT experience much more efficient. I liked his mannerism and personality and knowledge. I would highly recommend him to my friends and/or family when physical therapy would be required.

Six Months at UOA

My experience at UOA for the last six months has been a good one. My physical therapist, Ryan Kay, was outstanding. He was experienced in his field and beyond! Ryan explained each exercise I did and always asked how I felt afterward. He was gentle and guided me through each step - encouraging me to continue at home. Ryan was pleasant and courteous. Because of Ryan, I'm better. Also kudos to the assistants.

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