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Stronger in 6 Weeks

I worked with Kevin for six weeks. My body and muscles feel much stronger. Kevin is very personable and I enjoyed working with him and the interns. I highly recommend Kevin and the other people at your office.

Feeling 5 Years Younger

I started physical therapy with Ryan in November 2019. To-date, I have completed a total of 11 sessions with him to moderate two severe bursitis in both hips. When I started, my pain level ranged between an 8 and 10, which significantly impeded my mobility. Ryan and the staff at UOA were very professional. Ryan has helped me tremendously with the stretching and strengthening exercises that he applied and also those he taught me to do at home. The foam roller modailities were also extremely beneficial. Today, I am pain free; able to walk 1 hour (3-4 miles) per day and spring out of bed and from a sitting position as if I were 5 years younger. I will continue to move to prevent any relapse. My sincere thanks to Ryan and UOA. May you continue the great work that you do in providing great physical therapy.
Elaine James

Mental and Physical Recovery

I strongly appreciate the professional treatment I received during my knee surgery recovery. The support from my therapist and staff helped me during my mental and physical recovery. They answered all my questions and were patient with me during the process. I'm completely satisfied with my recovery results.

Comfort in Difficult Times

I would like to thank Dean (Dino) Pinciotti and his team for helping me rehab my knee injury. Dino and team are an extremely knowledgeable and hardworking. Throughout my time going through physical therapy, the team made me feel comfortable while going through a difficult period. They are well-organized and are very attentive answering all questions along the way. There is little, if any, downtime from the minute you walk in the door, as you are continually doing therapy exercises. I am truly appreciative of the entire team and would recommend them to anyone. I would like to wish them all the best. Thank you.

Means & Methods for Pain-free Life

I was in dire pain upon beginning of treatment. Welcoming staff and Joe and associates provided means and methods that helped me to progress to being pain-free. Professional and caring approaches provided a meaningful and positive experience. Kudos for this wonderful experience!!

Proper Training & Friendly Staff

My therapist, Ben, at UOA was definitely one of the best I've ever worked with. He and his assistants were always so helpful to make sure I was performing the assigned exercises properly in order to lead to the pain in my knee being improved. Ben and his assistants always made it a great experience with all their friendliness and helpfulness which made PT sessions something I actually looked forward to!
Russell Hall

Strengthened Knees & Hips

When I first attended UOA PT, my knees were in pain. I was having a hard time walking up the stairs. The PT strengthened my knees and hips and I feel a lot better. He was very good and knowledgeable.

Returned to UOA

Having been to PT at UOA in the past, I chose to return to UOA for PT ordered by my doctor for a neck problem. Within four weeks of working with my therapist, Britany, the pain and stiffness in my neck was gone and my range of motion restored.

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