Back in "Rock and Roll" Shape

Restoring an Athlete’s Quest for Body Perfection

BFR Training Sped Up My Recovery

In the early stages of my ACL recovery, I began using the BFR to restrict blood flow to my injured leg during select exercises. The BFR helped me start to build muscle back at a faster rate and my leg/knee as a whole felt stronger when I used it. At the time, I was moving off of my crutches and out of my brace, and the BFR undoubtedly sped up this process. It helped me gain confidence in my progress and reduce the atrophy in my leg. I would most definitely recommend incorporating BFR training to future ACL recovery patients because I attribute a large part of my progression to my use of the BFR band. 
Ryan Vazquez

First Time Skiing In Ten Years

This past Sunday, for the first time in ten years I went skiing. Without the bi-lateral hip replacement from June 2020, this wouldn’t have been remotely possible. I want to thank Dr. K and the entire staff for literally getting me back on my feet again. P.S. I will be 68 in a month!

Treatment is Exceptional

Amanda has been excellent! Caring comes to her naturally. She is a good people person. She took good care and made me extremely comfortable. Her treatment is exceptional and she went the extra mile to ensure I received good care. Thank you! Keep it up!

Improved my Strength, Mobility, Endurance, and Self-Esteem!

I worked with Sara in physical therapy at UOA right after I had extensive back surgery. I established a good rapport with her and had a very positive experience during my rehab. When I inquired about personal training past physical therapy, I was informed about Sara's new personal training program. I have to say I am extremely happy with the training. Sara is positive, professional, and very enthusiastic about assisting me in reaching my fitness goals. Sara has already improved my strength, mobility, endurance, and self-esteem!

Excellent Surgery Outcome

I can't fully express how excellent the outcome of my surgery and my occupational therapy was at UOA! I had total shoulder replacement surgery. Dr. Monica explained the procedure and answered all of my questions patiently and thoughtfully. Amanda was outstanding throughout my occupational therapy. I highly recommend her!

Great Experience With Steve

I had a great experience with your physical therapist, Steve Pavoni. Steve was able to take me to the level of physical therapy, sports performance. Also, he was able to help with my exercise “form” and we “tweaked” my stretching routine. Thank you to STEVE!

Excellent PT

Stephen provided excellent PT. He challenged me when he knew I was ready. He pushed me and provided me with exercises to do at home. I would highly recommend him!

Now I Feel Great!

I am extremely pleased with the rehabilitation services that I received after my total left hip replacement. My therapist, Stephen, was just SUPER! He was very friendly, fun, respectful and concerned for my well-being during my therapy.  He thoroughly explained the exercises and why they were important for a successful recovery. He was a great coach and now I feel great too! Thanks so much!

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