Back in "Rock and Roll" Shape

Restoring an Athlete’s Quest for Body Perfection

Love you forever Dr. Polonet! <3 Helped save my life and gave me the best that he could in helping me to live a productive life. Funny tho, he wish he could have miraculously done more. He saved my arm. A miracle all in itself. Love you forever Dr. Polonet. And you too Regina.<3
Elizabeth Bell

I first saw him when he came to me in the emergency room. He exuded energy, positivity and warmth. Dr. Polonet was very concerned with my pain level. He made sure that I was comfortable. He’s very sincere with his smile. A God-fearing man. God sent him to me. I was afraid and he reassured me and a made me feel comfortable. I felt confident in what he was going to do.  In about 8 to 10 weeks, I was healed by his hand and God’s hand. Had it not been for Dr. Polonet, I would not have healed. I could not have asked for a better doctor. If I ever fall again, wherever he is, he has to come to me.
Beverly Crudup

I broke my femur in February 2013. Dr. Polonet did my surgery to put the bone back together. It was a long recovery. Dr. Polonet not only fixed my leg but also my spirit. He is kind, caring, personable and very professional.

I also did my therapy at University Orthopedics. They were wonderful!! They were tough but kind and I recommend them to everyone who needs physical therapy.
Joann Fossani

Dear Dr. Sagebien, Everyone is brought into this world with a purpose and you were brought into this world to be a great surgeon. We (and especially Sarah) are so grateful to you and so blessed that you helped fix her. It has been a long journey and you helped to shorten it and get her back to a normal life. We will never be able to repay you, but we thank you with the fibers of our being! And in the future (hopefully we won’t need you!), we will surely know who to go to for excellent care. Thank you, Patrick and June Lundy AND SARAH! PS - Best wishes to you and your wonderful staff for continued success!
Sarah Lundy

A Letter to Dr. Polonet

Dr. Polonet, As I sit and reflect on the last 4 months I truly believe that special people come into our lives for a reason, sometimes it is to teach us lessons and help us to grow. We may not always get the message or we may be resistant to the challenges we must face, because growth can be so hard and painful sometimes. Really painful sometimes is a bit of an understatement after this injury stopped me in my tracks. I am learning that if you really listen to that voice inside of you, to your surgeon and you are willing to grow and take those sometimes-difficult steps forward, only then will you reach your full potential. Without any doubt I am grateful for the exceptional team of UOA who entered my life and empowered me to get to this place today. Even though there is work to be done it’s how hard I continue to work that will determine our success. For me that’s getting back both flexion and extension of my elbow. I shared with Jessica on my discharge from physical therapy and with you that UOA is an amazing place. It is clear that UOA has that exceptional team because of exceptional leadership. Patients never forget how you make them feel (well maybe they do) but it’s all the same stuff that has the potential to leave a lasting impression. This includes the friendly from desk team, Jessica’s expertise during PT, getting x-rays, James taking out almost all of my sutures (this meant to put a smile on your face not get him into hot water) and of course, there is you. You drive nothing but positive energy and I knew I had made the right choice with UOA from the start. This has been quite the ride, but I am blessed that you are my surgeon who helped me return to a very active lifestyle. So, the two little words “on purpose” have become very important to me. Life changing actually that “on purpose” my injury brought me to the UOA group and to an outstanding surgeon. This is my huge thanks to you for being an amazing surgeon, for being you, and for truly being authentic. All the best, Eileen Kuzma

Breaking a Shoulder, Arm and Wrist is never a fun ordeal.. until you meet Dr. Christopher Doumas and Jessica Spivey. They make healing a happy time. Dr. Doumas is always there with a smile and willing to go the extra mile for the patient even when he is not scheduled to work. Jessica takes the "scare factor" out of a brutalizing session of Physical Therapy. I used to dread going to a physical therapist, now, I enjoy the process. Thank you UOA for having such wonderful staff. Service with a smile is their motto.
Dovid Egert

I am so grateful for the caring, gifted professionals and staff here. I had so many injuries I wondered how I could ever feel even close to "normal" again. But I found what my body and my spirit needed. Thank you for making words about healing reality. This safe, warm and very competent environment breathes life - and hope.
Virginia Phelan

Dr. Polonet is a beyond excellent doctor and surgeon. I can't say enough about him and his sincere and heartfelt bedside manner. He saved my leg and changed my outlook on life in general. He's an amazing human being and I thank god he was the doctor in the E.R. the night of my accident.
Melanie Morrison

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