Our team is here to help you and answer your questions regarding our practice and policies. Whether in person, over the telephone, or by e-mail, our staff will assist you by addressing any concerns you may have. We have several different staff departments to help us better serve our patients with the personal attention that supports the quality medical care provided by our physicians.

Managerial Staff

Our managerial staff ensures that all aspects of our practice function together to meet all of your medical needs.

Darleen Caccavale
Phone: 732-537-0909, ext. 2100
Fax: 732-564-9034
Email: DarleenC@uognj.com

Catharine Falcetano
Human Resource and Payroll Manager
Phone: 732-537-0909, ext. 2503
Fax: 732-564-9034
Email: CatharineF@uognj.com

Mary Ann De Gennaro
Woodbridge Office Manager
Phone: 732-283-2663 ext. 5101
Fax: 732-587-7385
Email: MaryannD@uognj.com

Regina Taggert
Wall Office Manager
Phone: 732-938-6090, ext. 4109
Fax: 732-938-5680
Email: ReginaT@uognj.com

Renee Spraggs
Manager of Clinical Services
Phone: 732-537-0909, ext. 1107
Fax 1: 732-564-9021
Fax 2: 732-564-9022
Email: ReneeS@uognj.com

Kimberly McNeff, CPC, CCOS
Revenue Cycle Manager
Phone: 732-537-0909, ext. 2203
Fax: 732-564-9032
Email: KimberlyR@uognj.com

Lizbeth Plotkin
Phone:732-537-0909, ext. 2500
Fax: 732-564-9033
Email: LizbethP@uognj.com

Dean Pinciotti
Director of Physical Therapy
Phone: 732-537-0909, ext. 2400
Fax: 732-564-9020
Email: DeanP@uognj.com

Gregory Roth
Occupational Therapy Manager
Phone: 732-537-0909, ext. 2403
Fax: 732-564-9020
Email: GregoryR@uognj.com

Melba Pettaway
Front End Manager & Project Manager
Phone: 732-537-0909, ext. 2220
Fax: 732-564-9033
Email: MelbaP@uognj.com

Insurance Staff

Understanding insurance coverage can be confusing and time consuming. Our experienced staff will help you navigate through your insurance policy as it relates to your care at UOA. To learn more about our insurance policies, please see our insurances department.

To reach the insurance staff, please dial 732-537-0909, ext. 2299.

Physicians’ Administrative Assistants

Each of our physicians has an assistant to assist patients with any questions regarding surgeries, back-to-work notes, notes of medical necessity, and answer any questions that may arise concerning patient care.

Saaby Ross
Dr. Chiappetta, Dr. Kayiaros, and Dr. McDonnell
Phone: 732-537-0909, ext. 1106
Fax: 732-564-9028
Email: SaabyP@uognj.com

Regina Taggert
Dr. Polonet and Dr. Pushilin
Phone: 732-938-6090, ext. 4109
Fax: 732-938-5680
Email: ReginaT@uognj.com

Marisa Malone
Dr. Butler, Dr. Gatt, Dr. Monica and Dr. Sagebien
Phone: 732-537-0909, ext. 1103
Fax: 732-564-9028
Email: MarisaM@uognj.com

Kimberly Phillips
Dr. Baione, Dr. Buckley and Dr. Doumas
Phone: 732-938-6090, ext. 4110
Fax: 732-938-5680
Email: KimberlyP@uognj.com

Maria DeSousa
Dr. Bechler, Dr. Harwood, Dr. Leddy and Dr. Fleming
Phone: 732-537-0909, ext. 1105
Fax: 732-564-9028
Email: MariaD@uognj.com

Mary Ann De Gennaro
Dr. Beiro, Dr. Lu and Dr. Swan
Phone: 732-283-2663 ext. 5101
Fax: 732-587-7385
Email: MaryannD@uognj.com

Angela O’Dell
Dr. Coyle, Dr. Pannullo
Phone: 732-537-0909, ext. 1104
Fax: 732-564-9028
Email: AngelaO@uognj.com

Eva Marie Nicholsen
Dr. Verma
Phone: 732-938-6090, ext. 4100
Fax: 732-938-5680
Email: EvaN@uognj.com

Appointments Staff

Our appointments staff is available Mon – Thurs 8:30 a.m.-5:00 p.m. and, Fri 8:30 a.m.-4:00 p.m.

Somerset: 732-537-0909, ext. 2399
Princeton: 609-683-7800
Wall: 732-938-6090, ext. 4199
Woodbridge: 732-283-2663
Morganville: 732-387-5750

Please review COVID-19 policies prior to your visit.

Surgical Authorization Staff

We pre-certify all scheduled surgical procedures by working with your insurance company to attain the appropriate authorization.

To reach the surgical authorization staff, please dial 732-537-0909, ext. 2212 or 2214.

Medical Records Staff

We maintain a secure electronic medical records system, which allows physicians and clinical staff to access patients’ records from all of our practice locations.

To obtain a copy of your records, please contact us at 732-537-0909, ext. 2223.

Please allow 3-5 business days for processing.

Ancillary Authorization Staff

Our staff will contact your insurance carrier for pre-authorization for imaging procedures, physical therapy, or any other testing requested by our physicians. Please alert our staff if you require authorizations, and do not have any ancillary services performed without authorization.

Somerset: 732-537-0909, ext. 1115
Princeton: 609-683-7800
Wall: 732-938-6090
Woodbridge: 732-283-2663
Morganville: 732-387-5750

Front Desk Staff

Please check in at the front desk when you arrive for your appointment. To keep wait times to a minimum, print your registration forms before your visit from the patient forms tab. If you have not filled out your forms before your visit, our staff will be happy to assist you.

Please arrive 15 minutes before your appointment if you prefer to fill out registration forms at our office.

Radiology Staff

All of our locations have radiology departments staffed with registered technologists to assist you with any questions you may have about digital X-ray procedures or your images.

Somerset: 732-537-0909
Evelyn Argueta, RT
Jennifer Blaszka, RT
Doreen Ehrlich, RT
Carla Novoa, RT

Woodbridge: 732-283-2663
Meredith Finn, RT
Lissette Molina, RT

Princeton: 609-683-7800
Mary Ann Leukovitch, RT

Morganville: 732-387-5750
Meredith Finn, RT

Wall: 732-938-6090
Dawn Fissar, RT

Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) Staff

Somerset: 732-658-4735

Carla Novoa, RT
Lissette Tamayo, RT, ARMRIT

Nursing Staff

Our nursing staff is ready to help you while they assist during your visit or over the phone. A registered nurse is available to assist you during regular business hours, whether it is for a medical question or a prescription refill.

To reach the nursing staff, please call 732-537-0909, ext. 1200.

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