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As a retired Administrative Assistant to the President and Chairman of Bankers Trust Company/Deutsche Bank in New York for 47 years, I'm quite familiar with receiving many complaint letters. It was always a refreshing change when someone took the time to sit down and write a complimentary note. This letter is my humble attempt at sending a note of praise to you, your assistants and the health care professionals of University Orthopedic Associates. Two years ago, I was diagnosed with an injured bursa and suffered with constant hip pain. Cortisone injections, multiple visits to a Chiropractor, and an acupuncturist couldn't make a dent. I finally cried "uncle" and am convinced that it was through Divine intervention, that I was able to make an appointment with you. At our initial meeting, I didn't even have to delve into details of my pain-you described it to me perfectly. Your professionalism, courtesy, knowledge and thorough explanation of what exactly was causing my on-going problems and how you were going to fix it-no question about that-was inspiring. Your confidence and enthusiasm was contagious. Your patience was remarkable even after my husband peppered you with hundreds of questions on what types of "tools" you were going to use and wanted to hear all about the gory details of the procedure. Thankfully, you have a great sense of humor and an overabundance of patience. On February 11, 2019, I underwent total hip replacement. Outpatient Rehabilitation Network Meridian At Home Care provided excellent home skilled nursing and physical therapy throughout my recovery period. After two days with a walker and a few days on a cane, I was able to walk into my post-op appointment on Feb. 26 can free and almost pain-free! While I have several weeks of out-patient PT to navigate, I have no doubt that I will make a full recovery "without restrictions." I am very grateful that I had the good fortune to have you as my surgeon along with your team of knowledgeable healthcare professionals. Fortunate also to have excellent care at Jersey Shore. It just goes to prove one does not need to travel into New York to receive "top drawer," gold standard health care. It's right here in our own backyard. Many thanks to you and your staff for generously helping those of us in need.
Patricia Cook

I wanted to take the time to write this testimonial because I felt it was the very least I could do to thank Dr. Kayiaros and his PA, Lauren Stull, for all they did for me! I will be forever grateful to them for giving me my mobility back. In early October 2017, I had the anterior approach left hip replacement surgery. Five years earlier, I had the posterior approach on my right hip by a different doctor (now retired) and what a difference in my pain level, my recovery and my immediate mobility because of the anterior approach and Dr. K's skill. I would suggest the anterior approach to anyone for whom it's viable! I was discharged from the hospital the next day after the surgery and was a little tentative but I was able to walk to my bedroom, that night, to the second floor! In home P.T. started the following day and lasted two weeks until outpatient PT. Even still, I was able to get around in my home very well and the pain was very tolerable. I do have a high tolerance for pain but this was SO much less pain than with the posterior approach. From the moment, my wife and I went to UOA, we really loved it. You will notice a huge difference like we did. The entire process of paperwork, scheduling of appointments, pre-surgery paperwork, the surgery, etc., is managed SO well. It's really unlike any other doctor's office I've been to. Of course, having surgery and preparing for it, can be very stressful. UOA took that stress away. In addition, we had a few questions prior to the surgery and ALWAYS received a prompt call back from Dr. K's efficient PAA (who's name escapes me right now but she was wonderful too). This office is a well-oiled machine!! It is now three months past my surgery and I couldn't be more pleased with the outcome. I am so glad that I found such a wonderful surgeon to relief all the pain I was suffering with. I'm back to being out and about and able to enjoy life and walking without pain any more. Lauren was also very compassionate and kind. She gives you all the time needed to ask/answer questions and you don't feel rushed in any way while in their offices. I am so pleased with my outcome and it's my pleasure to recommend and suggest that you contact Dr. Kayiaros' office if needed!!
Nick Doroschenko 

From beginning to end, my experience has been incredible. I was so afraid of having back surgery, but Dr. Chiappetta was so kind and put my fear to ease. The surgery team was incredible, as well. They kept me comfortable the entire procedure. My six weeks of rehab with Jess were a terrific experience. She rebuilt my strength and now I’m off, back into a world I knew 15 years ago - virtually pain free. Thank you.

I had a knee replacement in April. I started physical therapy in May. In July I am now able to walk, climb stairs and am able to perform my daily tasks. Kristine is a great therapist. She would always encourage me. Everyone at University Orthopaedic Associates is great.
Sandi Pinto

From the minute I made an appointment with their knowledgeable staff, I felt comfortable. As a new patient, my wait time was extremely short!! I was greeted as soon as I walked into their Somerset office and treated with such professionalism. The staff is extremely caring and polite. I was treated by Dr. McDonnell for my lower back. When he said I needed an MRI, who would've guessed that an MRI and physical therapy and a surgery center is all under the same roof? There was no running around for tests. I was extremely nervous the day of my surgery, however the staff at UCAS and UOA assisted me in every way possible to make sure I was okay. Thank you, Dr. McDonnell and staff for giving me my life back! I'm now able to play basketball with my son and pick up my one-year-old daughter. Team UOA!!
Davie McIarty

Thank you to the AMAZING staff and UCAS for your assistance with my husbands back surgery with Dr. McDonnell. Amanda, Janice and Susan will forever be embedded in our minds for catering to my husband and easing his fears while maintaining extreme professionalism! I never thought the surgical process could possibly run so smooth! I cant thank you all enough!! I wish you all the best and thank you for EVERYTHING.
Dr. McDonnell Patient

Dr. Kayiaros is one of the best doctors in my 78-year-old medical experience. He is caring, thoughtful, and his credentials are beyond impeccable. He has a wonderful personality to go with his expertise as a doctor. He listens, explains, and wants to make sure the patient understands what will occur. I had a hip replacement and I think he is absolutely one of the best doctors i've ever encountered. He is so personable and has a fine sense of humor...no orthopaedic surgeon ego! Couldn't recommend him more highly!
Patricia Osander

As you walk in the front door of the UOA building immediately there is check-in desk & waiting room. This is such a plus! No roaming the halls or looking for an elevator. There is never a long wait to see the doctor. The nurse will take you to the exam room for any tests needed. This is another plus as tests are there and now. Results are given to the doctor within minutes. He then explains your results and answers any questions you may have. The staff is professional, but friendly and go out of the way to make you comfortable. This is place to be you have orthopedic problem.
Doris Clark

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