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Hand & Upper Extremity Department

Hand & Upper Extremity Department

When a condition or injury occurs to the hand or upper extremity it is important to go to an expert specifically trained in this area.

People depend on their hands and arms for everything, so injury or a loss of function can be devastating. At UOA, we are sensitive to the desire for maximal recovery from disorders of the hand and upper extremity. Our comprehensive world-class approach to care provides the greatest benefits for our patients.

Our department is overseen by an award-winning team of four orthopeadic surgeons with subspecialty certification in surgery of the hand and upper extremity. According to the American Board of Orthopaedic Surgery, this subspecialty training means that surgeons “have demonstrated qualifications in hand surgery beyond those expected of other orthopaedic surgeons by virtue of additional training, a practice characterized by a majority of cases in hand surgery, and contributions to this field.”

Our team of surgeons, each with varied experience in an area of passion and interest in his field, combine to provide a unique team approach. This assists our patients, particularly those with complex cases that benefit from our group expertise.

Our department specializes in the care and treatment of the hand to upper extremity (finger tips to shoulder) including sports injuries and joint replacements of the shoulder, elbow and wrist. Our surgeons use the latest technology and innovative approaches to treat hand and upper extremity disorders, such as nerve injuries, carpal tunnel syndrome, trigger finger, and complex hand and elbow fractures. In fact, UOA was the first group in New Jersey to perform a reverse total shoulder replacement.

In keeping with the highest possible quality of care at UOA, our certified hand therapist is a vital member of our team. Hand therapy, integrated into the treatment of the surgical team, has a crucial role in the recovery from injury of the hand or wrist. A hand therapist employs techniques of both occupational and physical therapy in the goal of restoring hand function. A Certified Hand Therapist is recognized as a benchmark for excellence in advanced specialty in health care. A staff Certified Hand Therapist allows close and constant communication with surgeons, as well as patients.

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Everyone at the hospital was wonderful, my physical therapist was outstanding and encouraging, and Dr. Doumas really knew what he was doing. Within a few days of my surgery, I sensed a change for the better and even went on milder pain medication.

— Duncan Kennedy
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