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Sports Performance & Wellness

Sports Performance and Wellness

University Orthopaedic Associates offers sports performance and wellness programs that focus on education and injury prevention, while improving strength, sport-specific conditioning, speed and agility. We provide training programs for elite athletes and weekend warriors to people who just want to get healthy and fit.

Our goal is to provide a safe, supervised environment in which we enhance our clients ability to excel in their sports or exercise program. We hope to educate our clients and enable them to achieve their individual goals by providing each person with a customized evaluation and program.

UOA Sports Performance & Wellness

Sports Performance Programs


Female ACL Injury Prevention- Prevention Program

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Rugged Rotator Cuff-
Prevention Program

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Body Composition Scan

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Speed & Agility-
Private and Semi Private Classes

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Strength & Condition-
Private and Semi Private Classes

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Golf Performance Training-
Private and Semi Private Classes

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Kick-Start & Re-Boot Programs- Private and Semi Private Classes

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Fitness Re-Boot Program- Private and Semi Private Classes

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Ongoing Monthly Athletic Trainer Events

Each month we host a special speaker for athletic trainers. To view the schedule for upcoming speakers and topics click here.

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Bridge the Gap – Healing to High Performance

We recognize the need for a coherent and consistent system of rehabilitation to achieve the best results. As such, we have developed the Bridge the Gap program, which is designed to provide patients with guidance following medical procedures and physical therapy. The principles and exercises provided by this program help our patients excel to higher levels of performance, while protecting them from further injury. Bridge the Gap provides a safe, structured environment and expertise for patients to begin a scientific and individually customized strength and conditioning program following rehabilitation.

Dr. Monica - Staying Injury Free During Baseball Season

UOA Sports Challenge Battling Ropes with Squat & RDL

UOA Sports Challenge: Push Up Pike On Ball

UOA Sports Challenge: Kettle Bell Swing Squat on Balance Ball

UOA Sports Challenge: Kicked Up Kettle Bell

UOA Sports Challenge: The Big Burn

UOA Sports Challenge: Battling Ropes

Single Leg RDL, Lunge, Low Squat - Activate the Glutes

Core Stability - V up Series: Intro to Posterior Chain Exercises

ACL Prevention Screening: The Drop Jump Test

ACL Prevention: Proprioceptive Exercisess

ACL Prevention Program - Phase I: Dynamic Warm-up, Strength and ROM

ACL Injury Prevention Part II - Plyometrics Box Jump

ACL Prevention: Before and After

Preventing Shoulder Injury - Blake Swan

June 2015 Athlete

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May 2015 Athlete

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March 2015 Athlete

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December 2014 Athlete

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Sports Performance Director

Blake Swan
Blake Swan, C.S.C.S., TSAC-F, FMS, CPT, PHB Director
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